Tomorrow's Glory
Tomorrow's Glory

In our darkest hour lay our greatest hope.
From the depths echoes the sound of...Tomorrow's Glory...

Together since mid 2008, Tomorrow’s Glory is an indie rock band from Toronto. Appearing on the band’s roster is Anthony Salvati (vocals, guitar), Jon MacMull (guitar) and Justin Zimmerman (drums).

As each member comes from a different musical background, the band's energetic music reflects a variety of styles. They’ve been inspired by many bands, such as Live, The Foo Fighters, Moist, Weezer, The Used and more. An audience at a Tomorrow’s Glory show can pick out elements of grunge, metal, punk, and funk - on the whole, however, the band is said to have a “late 90’s” sound with a new alternative feel. Lyrically, their songs often carry a positive message - from finding the strength to walk away from an abusive relationship (“Walk Away”) to breaking free from oppressive ideological conformity (“Finding a Way”).

Since its inception, the band has been invited to perform at a number of Toronto’s top indie rock venues - including The Horseshoe Tavern, The Opera House, The Reverb, Sneaky Dee’s and Lee’s Palace. In mid 2008, one of their earliest songs, “Take It All”, was played on Oshawa’s 94.9 The Rock Indie spotlight night. Their song "Trip" was put in regular rotation on Mohawk College Radio (101.5 FM). Their song "Finding A Way" was featured on Barrie's Rock95FM.

Tomorrow's Glory took second place in Rock95FM's Local & Loud competition. They have also been invited to perform as part of the Toronto Independent Music Awards, for the category of "best live performance".

Looking forward, Tomorrow’s Glory has a busy time ahead. They plan to release their 5-song EP in the summer of 2010.

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Tomorrow's Glory
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